Come Out of Water Closet

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Stadtmuseum Berlin GmbH with All-Gender Restroom & CO-WC sign now

Stadtmuseum Berlin GmbH is a service provider for museums, companies and private customers. It has a wide range of tasks. For example, it includes the management of the museum stores in the Märkisches Museum, the Nikolaikirche and the Ephraim-Palais. It also organizes events and guided tours. Moreover, it runs a catering service. It publishes books on Berlin’s culture and history. Last but not least, it trains museum guards for the museum’s own buildings.

This important cultural institution established a unisex toilet. In doing so, it underlines that it stands for openness, diversity and respect. This is exactly what the CO-WC represents – learn more about the idea behind „Come Out of Water Closet“.

CO-WC is very happy to be in this forward-looking cultural institution. Many thanks to Dr. Christopher Vorwerk, Managing Director of Stadtmuseum Berlin GmbH and responsible for the Berlin area in the Humboldt Forum. And many thanks to Idil Efe, Agent for Diversity in the Directorate!

An exclusive interview will be published soon. Check it out!

Stadtmuseum Berlin