Come Out of Water Closet

Human & Culture Project dedicated to All-Gender Restrooms and You.


Design and Gender: Dan Reid on designing for a post gender world and CO-WC

„The Berlin-based initiative CO-WC (which cleverly stands for ‘Come Out of the Water Closet’) is making it easier and fun to make the transition to gender-neutral bathrooms by creating signage that uses a simple lenticular printing technique called a lentigram (just like those cheesy holographic postcards) to switch from the traditional blue male to pink female depending on your perspective or viewing angle. Installed at the betahaus co-working space in Berlin, for example, these symbolic changes can signify a greater change in attitude towards gender inclusivity and also conversation about design and gender in the workplace.“ Dan Reid in 4SEE magazine

Read the full 4SEE magazine article below. And find out more about CO-WC and betahaus.