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Human & Culture Project dedicated to All-Gender Restrooms and You.


CO-WC in Stilbruch Kaffee

Are you looking for a stylish café in Berlin-Friedrichshain? Stilbruch Kaffee is the place to be. It is located opposite the RAW area – a place for intercultural projects, exhibitions and markets as well as home to many bars and clubs. The artistic decoration and furnishings of this café create an unforgettable atmosphere. Delicious coffee and excellent menus are a matter of course. And of course, there’s the CO-WC sign on the WC door. Simply great!

Philosophy of the Stilbruch Kaffee

„Our team, reflects exactly the philosophy for which we stand and which we also think is important for a healthy togetherness. We deliberately looked for a mixed team where everyone became part of our family. People from a wide variety of cultures, religions as well as sexual orientation work with us. This diversity naturally also makes for a colorful and exciting collaboration.“ Tarik Mutlu

A wonderful self-orientation that goes hand in hand with CO-WC’s idea. CO-WC is very lucky to have such a great partner!

Stilbruch Kaffee
Revalerstr. 9, 10245 Berlin
Tel: 030/ 25204080

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