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CO-WC at CSD Frankfurt am Main in 2019

Having already participated a few times at the Christopher Street Day in Berlin (first time Berlin CSD in 2016), CO-WC now went to the CSD in Frankfurt am Main. Staying in a cool hotel with a view of the Frankfurt train station, we enjoyed a few great days in the Main metropolis. And of course, we partied hard!

Frankfurt vs. Berlin

The CSD in Frankfurt is a bit different than the one in Berlin. People of a city have their own style, sure. Well, here’s what I mean, though: In Berlin, the parade moves through the sprawling streets of Berlin’s City West, and then the party takes place mainly in the Tiergarten and in front of the famous Brandenburg Gate. Frankfurt’s parade winds through the „narrow“ and historic streets of Frankfurt, seemingly taking in the entire city center, before the party then begins at Konstablerwache, a large square in the middle of downtown. Berlin is more spacious. Frankfurt is more compact. Both CSDs have an incredible charm. The vibe is really fantastic. Once you’ve experienced them, they’re hard to resist.

CO-WC at the CSD Frankfurt

With CO-WC, we first participated in the CSD parade. We tuned in with the celebrating crowd and enjoyed the beautiful city. Once we arrived at Konstablerwache, the party started. We either hung out in the artists‘ area where the CO-WC signs were attached to the mobile toilets. Or we partied in front of the stage with the mega-cool crowd. A fantastic time! Many thanks to Britta Helfrich and the CSD team who made this possible!

CSD Frankfurt am Main

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