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CO-WC Brings Inclusiveness to Bathrooms at Berlin’s CSD 2016

In 2016, the Christopher Street Day (CSD) in Berlin was a historic event for LGBTQ+ rights, and CO-WC was proud to be a part of it. CO-WC, in cooperation with CSD Berlin and EcoToiletten, provided All-Gender restroom signs for the event, marking the first time they participated in the CSD.

Breaking Down Gender Labels

The signs were eye-catching and lively, challenging the traditional gender labels in public restrooms. By doing so, they ensured that everyone felt accepted and seen, regardless of their gender identity.

The Power of Inclusive Spaces

Going to the restroom became a unique and positive experience, thanks to CO-WC’s contribution. The project highlighted the power of community and the significance of creating inclusive spaces. It showed that small changes can make a big impact in making people feel accepted and valued.

Inspiring a More Accepting World

The success of CO-WC at the CSD Berlin 2016 was a significant milestone in the journey towards a more accepting world. It demonstrated that everyone, no matter their gender identity, deserves to feel welcome and seen. This message will continue to inspire others to create more inclusive spaces in the future.

The Right to Use the Restroom of Choice

The CSD program booklet emphasized the importance of a person’s right to use the restroom they feel comfortable in, regardless of the gender they were assigned at birth. CO-WC’s contribution to the event brought this message to life and helped to make it a reality.

In conclusion, CO-WC’s participation in the CSD Berlin 2016 was a triumph for inclusiveness and acceptance. Their All-Gender restroom signs created a welcoming atmosphere for everyone and inspired others to strive for a more inclusive world. The cooperation between CO-WC, CSD Berlin, and EcoToiletten made this possible and showed the impact that can be made through collaboration and teamwork.

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