CO-WC for the first time at Christopher Street Day, Berlin 2016

In 2016, CO-WC was part of Christopher Street Day in Berlin as part of a cooperation with CSD Berlin and EcoToiletten. All the eco-friendly portable toilets on the site displayed vibrant CO-WC signs. Going to the toilet became a special experience!

Loo for all genders

„The right of a person to use the restroom of one’s choice, regardless of the sex assigned to that person at birth, has been of concern to the local community not only since the heated debate in the United States. To make sure that in this respect all people can feel welcome and being seen, regardless of gender and gender identity, there will at the Berlin CSD 2016 be All-Gender Restrooms in the entire final area. The loos display the signets of our partner CO-WC (, which overcome the previous assignment of a cubicle to a unique gender.“ CSD program booklet, 2016

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CSD Berlin


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