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CO-WC with LSVD in Leipzig

Regional conference „Counteracting right-wing populism and opponents of equality“

The LSVD to the event: „Right-wing populism has long since arrived in Germany. Defamatory terms are also used to create a mood against the acceptance of lesbians, gays, bisexuals, trans* and intersex people (LGBTI). Opponents of equality defame educational plans, attack initiatives with injunctions, paralyze administrations with inquiries, and at the same time try to play LGBTI off against refugees. What can be done to counter this development and what role do homophobia, religion, racism and ethnic ideologies play?“

To raise awareness of our visual culture and diversity, LSVD changed restrooms that were segregated by gender into unisex restrooms and labeled them with the new vibrant CO-WC sign. This is a fantastic initiative. Many thanks to the LSVD!

Volkshochschule Leipzig
Löhrstraße 3-7
04105 Leipzig

Lesben- und Schwulenverband Deutschland (German for the Lesbian and Gay Federation in Germany)

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